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Why Join

Reasons to take legal action

Five reasons you should join the claim.



Taking legal action will disincentivise this type of corporate behaviour and help to ensure that companies don’t put the public’s health at risk.




NOx is a pollutant. It contributes to acid rain, global warming and respiratory conditions, such as childhood asthma. An increase in the level of emissions only serves to increase these dangers.



If you have an affected vehicle, the likelihood is that you overpaid for it and you may be entitled to financial compensation. In addition, the resale value of your vehicle may also be affected.



Joining the group legal action against Volkswagen is straightforward. You will be represented by Slater and Gordon Limited which is leading the action against VW. Once you have provided your details, the necessary information about your car and have confirmed that you wish us to act for you, we will proceed with the case on your behalf at no cost to you.


A Company found to have been dishonest to its customers should be held to account for their actions and be penalised. VW was a trusted brand and if it is found that management of VW knowingly fitted cars with cheat devices and they are made to compensate victims of the scandal, other companies will be discouraged from abusing the trust that the public have put in these companies.

Areeba Hamid, clean air campaigner, Greenpeace, said: “Diesel emissions are toxic to human health and its impacts fall especially hard on children, older people and people with existing lung diseases such as asthma. Yet almost nothing has been done to tackle car companies since they were caught cheating emissions tests.

If cars were coming off the production line with dodgy brakes, there would be mass product recall. Yet unbelievably, consumers are still being incentivised to buy these brand new diesel cars that are pumping out illegal levels of pollution. That has to stop urgently and the car companies must be made to learn their lesson. This class action could turn the tables on car companies, and finally result in action to reduce toxic air pollution that’s causing so much harm to human health.”